Biting Bogotá: A Foodie's Guide

While taking in the sights and sounds of Bogotá, you’re bound to work up an appetite.  Use our guide to help you plan your foodie tour of Bogotá!

Here’s some of our favorite tastes from the city.


Crepes & Waffles

Although I generally stay away from chain restaurants when visiting a new city, Crepes & Waffles is one of those rare exceptions.  Open practically all day, the crepes run the gamut, from sweet to savory. And best of all, your meal will come with an added perk— you’re supporting a business that has a social consciousness! The owners of Crepes & Waffles provide preferential employment for single mothers, which has been an effective way of uplifting impacted women out of poverty.


  • Crepe Sicilia
  • Freshly squeezed juices
  • Salmon roll crepe


Harry Sasson

Located in Zona T (or Zona Rosa, depending upon who you ask), Harry Sasson is perfect for a luxury lunch. The relaxed, but refined ambiance will draw you in as you make your way to your table. Its open air feel (the roof is a mosaic of glass) compliments the rest of the amazing architecture.  Go during the day to take full advantage of the sunshine. Everything I tried was fresh and satisfying, from the drinks to the dessert. Speaking of which, definitely order the caramelized banana bread with caramel ice cream!


  • Mojito
  • Mesclun salad
  • Steak tenderloin medallions
  • Pork Chicharrones
  • Caramelized Banana Bread w/Caramel Ice Cream

TRAVEL HACK: Although meals in Bogota are generally inexpensive, Harry Sasson will hit your pockets! Stick to the appetizers! They are so filling, you won't need to order an actual main dish.



La Puerta Falsa

Any place that is a favorite of Anthony Bourdain should you be at the top of your list.  Located in the historic La Candelaria, this place is known for its humongous tamales and ajiaco, a traditional Colombian chicken soup— you’ll be more than satisfied with either choice. This was hands-down one of the best meals in Bogotá and the tamales are (and will probably remain) the best tamales I’ve ever had.


  • Ajiaco
  • The tamales
  • A cold Club Colombia beer to wash it down

TRAVEL HACK:  They also have a well-known bakery if you’re looking for something to eat on the go.


When you’re running through the streets snapping pics of the dope street art, you’ll definitely work up an appetite!  Make sure you hit up one of the many food carts throughout the city to pick up some distinctly Colombian treats, such as a cup of Chontaduros, a regional fruit whose flesh resembles the consistency of a sweet potato.  Topped with honey & salt, it’s a local favorite.

Also worth stopping at for a quick snack is Superchurros!  These shops can be found all over the city and a perfect for a quick treat.

TRAVEL HACK: Here’s a quick spanish lesson: Be sure to ask for Chontaduros and not Chontacuros, as the latter are the larvae that reside within the trees that the fruits grow on!


Casa Bizarra

Located in Zona G (for Gourmet), Casa Bizarra is a great choice for drinks and dinner.  Catch the happy hour during the week and drinks are buy one, get one free!  The regional dishes were expertly made and mouth-watering.  If the weather is nice, sit out on the patio and chill out.


  • Order the potocones as an appetizer
  • Lychee martinis

TRAVEL HACK: The restaurant is easy to miss, so make sure you have your GPS on.  Hint:  It’s directly across the street from a Crepes & Waffles location.

LUNCH/DINNER (or in our case, BREAKFAST)

Brasas del Llano

On the way to visit the Catedral de Sal, our driver suggested breakfast in the city of Zipaquirá before heading to the underground sanctuary. We were thinking bacon & eggs, but trust, we didn’t hesitate to hop out of the car when we saw (and smelled) what was cooking at Brasas de Llano, one the open-pit BBQs that lined the road leading to the cathedral.  I’m surprised I didn’t fall victim to a food coma after the plates stacked with fire-roasted deliciousness hit our tables.


  • The roasted fish
  • The carne special
  • The local coffee (How can you leave Colombia without having a cup?)


Andrés Carne de Res

No visit to Bogotá is complete without a night out at Andrés.  Equal parts restaurant and night club, the party never seems to end, no matter what day of the week you decide to visit.  Instead of letting the menu intimidate you (it’s the size of a first run hardcover of War & Peace—I’m only half kidding), do yourself a favor and order the famous grilled chicken and some of the strong drinks from the bar. In no time, you’ll find it hard not to join in on the fun, as you’ll be surrounded by locals having a great time and a live band or local DJ spinning some jams.

TRAVEL HACK:  If you have the time, make the 45 minute drive to the Andrés located in the nearby town of Chia, where the party is like no other.  If not, the Andrés located in Bogotá’s Zona T (aka Zona Rosa) is just as great of a time.

Where are your favorite foodie spots in Bogotá?  Let us know in the comments!

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