Black & Abroad Conversations: @JourneyPillow

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Welcome to the Black & Abroad Conversation Series.

Enter Candace & Anthony Williams, founders of the Journey Pillow.

Two years ago, Candace & Anthony set out to change the travel industry and make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Tired of being tired and uncomfortable on flights, this brother and sister duo set out to change how we travel. Anthony, a clinical neurophysiologist and Candace, an industrial engineer brought their respective skill sets together and created a revolutionary take on the standard travel pillow. The Journey Pillow was made to solve the problem of sleepless flights and bring a new level of quality to the travel pillow market.

With patented technology, the Journey Pillow attaches to your seat-belt or waistband and adjusts to optimally fit around your neck, providing a level of comfort that will bring the luxury and relaxation of first class to coach class travel.

“By allowing your neck to stay in alignment anywhere you sleep, the Journey Pillow helps travelers realize the health benefits of adequate sleep,” Williams says.” The Journey Pillow was designed to provide all passengers in any plane or vehicle a comfortable travel experience. The challenges presented while traveling are frequent and unpredictable, often times prolonging your estimated arrival time. We have not yet mastered how to eliminate those variables; however, we have mastered the support and comfort your neck needs to enjoy deep sleep. We know from personal experience, how uncomfortable travel accommodations can be. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to life’s crazy journey: with more comfort, more support, and more sleep.”

We got the chance to sit down with Candace & Anthony to gain insight on bringing Journey Pillow to life, and what it’s like to own a company with your sibling!  Check our their video interview!

After a successful crowdfunding effort via Kickstarter, the Journey Pillow is now available for order!

To find out more about the Journey Pillow (including their current sale!), visit!

Check out the Kickstarter campaign that brought the Journey Pillow to the masses!