5 Reasons Why Couples Need To Take Vacations Without Everyone Else


With the holidays just passing us by and buzzing into a brand new year, we tend to bypass the need for reconnection as a couple. We're all guilty of this at one point or another. As often as your family priorities, and pockets will allow, I think is imminent to make it your business to get away and spend some time together. Alone, and out of town. Preferably out of the COUNTRY.  

Here are a few reasons why couples travel is so valuable to your relationship.


Life is wonderful and everything, but at times it can be so overwhelming.  From playing cab driver after you get home from your actual job, for all of the kids and their activities, to breaking up fighting siblings…. It can indeed be a stress that both you and your mate won’t mind taking a break from.  When you’re away, it makes room for all of our thoughts and things we aspire to do return to the forefront. No dishes, no laundry, no basketball practice, or employment.  For just a few days, it’s just the two of you.  Being able to get back to the basics of love and happiness without the distractions.


Isn’t it awesome to be somewhere that you’ve never been.. and be able to spend that time with your Boo? Don’t get me wrong; dates are nice as well, but you still have all of your thoughts racing through your mind throughout the time spent pertaining to life and all that is waiting for you as soon as you get back home. When you’re on an actual vacation away from everyone and everything, it gives you time as a couple to really rekindle that flame and focus on one another.  The rekindling process is much easier to do when you’re out of your own element.


Even though every city has a lot to offer, the city in which you reside can get a little “day to day.” I’m all for being a fan of your town and making the best of it, but experiencing a new place with new scenery gives you and your Honey more topics to engage in and spark fresh conversation. Just the idea of making new memories with your spouse is healthy for the union.

New scenery can help reignite any relationship!

New scenery can help reignite any relationship!


Whether you’re aware of it or not, life and all of the stresses that come with it can make you uptight! No room to really breathe and release, because you’re too busy putting out fires that either already exist, or preparing to extinguish one in the making.  Our minds are already 10 steps ahead.  We couldn’t live in the moment, even if we tried.  When you’re on a getaway, there are no flames except the ones being made in the bedroom!  OWWWWW! Which leads to my final reason.


Ok. This reason is specifically for my parent readers.  I think it’s so fun to be able to be as free as you want in your bedroom.  At home, there’s indeed freedom…. after bedtime. The kids must be put down before you…. LAY IT DOWN.  When on a getaway, there is no limit on how loud you are when is time to get “grown,” nor is there some sort of allotted time as to when it takes place.  Yes!  This is my favorite.  😊 No running to make sure the door is locked or having to keep it at a certain octave.  TURN UP! LITERALLY! Remembering what it's like to not have to keep your voices down, letting yourselves be free and reconnect! Every couple with kids needs this. TRUST. ME. 😎

So, when is your next couples getaway? Start planning!

Exes and Ohs,

Joanae' "Naetorious" King

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