In My Carry-on: The Essentials According to Five Traveling Entrepreneurs

We asked five of our favorite people who live a lifestyle that mixes their career with travel, to tell us about the things they never leave home without, and we were given some interesting answers.  Check them out below.


Alexis Felder

Alexis "Lexi" Felder manages marketing for the creator of our favorite headlines and witty commentary, Bossip.  In her free time, she also handles social media coverage and branding for her own effort, Lexi With The Curls. When traveling, Lexi keeps it modern on one end, and old school on another:

"My Monster Mobile PowerCard Turbo Portable battery. I can't go anywhere without it. My biggest fear is having my phone die while on vacation. I rely on it for directions, recommendations and Uber. This portable charger allows me to charge my phone multiple times off of one charge.

I also always pack my fanny pack - It might sound very National Lampoon's European Vacation but I always keep a fanny pack with me. I like to be handsfree, especially if I'm trying to navigate a new country. Sometimes having a big purse can get in the way--- and it actually hurts your shoulders when walking forever. I can keep all of my essentials in there - money, cell phone, external chargers and hotel or Airbnb key."

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DJ B-Hen

As one of the nation’s most sought after celebrity disc jockeys, B-Hen has made his mark as a recurring DJ on ABC’s Good Morning America, Cannes & Sundance Film Festivals, New York Fashion Week and Harvard Business School. He also leads Beats to Beat Breast Cancer, a music-driven non profit focused on eradicating the disease in African American communities across the nation. His essentials are definitely his dj equipment, but also about self-care.  B-Hen told us why he brings sage wherever he goes:

"Whenever and wherever I travel, I ask Source and Infinite Intelligence to set my path for fun, love and safety. I pray to create value and express love with everyone I meet. The sage further protects my space and my spirit while on the road."

You can find out more about DJ B-Hen at and check out his travels & amazing sets worldwide on his Instagram.

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Daniel Calderon

Daniel is the Managing Partner, Brand + Business Development at Farley, Calderon + Associates(FCA), a millennial-owned advanced crisis, brand and reputation management firm which serves as a one-stop shop for corporations, government agencies, politicians, celebrities, public figures and more – to solve their crisis, branding, and reputation problems in a modern world. Outside of FCA, Daniel just recently produced his first film, Unapologetic Me.  When taking a trip, Daniel's always packing his e-scent-ials:

"My favorite fragrance (Le Labo and Killian // various blends) I bought a couple of refillable travel-size fragrance bottles to make sure I don't leave home without it. I believe that smelling great is a part of my brand and I have to maintain that at all times and in every country I visit."

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Gamal Codner

Gamal is the CEO of Fresh Heritage, a company that creates high quality, chemical free, personal care & grooming products for men and he's also the co-founder of Customer Mojo, a digital marketing agency. Gamal's all about comfort and being well-groomed whenever he's traveling:

"I always bring along my lightweight American Apparel hoodie (pictured above).  It's my go-to travel wearable because it is perfect for hot or chilly weather and we now weather in other countries can be unpredictable.  Also, because it is lightweight it doesn't take up a lot of space in my carry-on. I had a few custom designed with the Fresh Heritage logo so now I live in these :-) [the one I'm wearing is not available for sale, we only make them available for VIP customers who have bought more than once].

I also always bring along my Fresh Heritage Vegan Leather Toiletry Bag.  It's surprisingly spacious so it fits all my grooming essentials in one place.  I can fit my beard grooming supplies, face care, cologne, dental supplies and more in this bag.  I travel light, so keeping everything organized while being efficient in the number of items I need to pack is key."

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Debõrah Hughes

Entertainment is Debõrah's calling.  Debõrah's worked with everyone from Tyler Perry Studios to Wondaland, as a choreographer, branding & image consultant, and dancer.  When she's not bringing her love of music to the world through her international party, AfroSocaLove, she's constantly traveling to help people get their creative direction on point, so it makes perfect sense that Debõrah's essentials are all about support, and bringing out her inner glow:

"The two products I need whenever I travel are very much a women/dancer thang (sticks out tongue)...well, the other should be universal! My first is a good supportive bra, because I know wherever I go, I will be cutting a rug on the dance floor and/or finding a excursion that requires physical endurance. Great support for my girls are important! The second product is shea butter, which you can buy from any African store in ATL aka Wakanda, where I live. Not only is shea butter a moisturizer for your skin but it also acts as a natural sunblock. Along with the powers of being melanated, it's the extra protection we need. Not only that, it's multi-purpose; you can put it in your hair, on your face, and keep your entire body with a natural glow."

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What are some of your travel essentials?  Let us know in the comments below!.