Where To Stay: Baba Beach Club in Phuket, Thailand


Once you hit Phuket, you’ll quickly realize that a great chunk of it has been taken over by tourists and backpackers, and that environment is fine for about a day.  But at some point, you’ll want to kick back and relax in Phuket’s beauty, and that’s where Baba Beach Club comes in to save the day. Nestled in a private section along Natai Beach at the northern end of Phuket, Baba’s vibe evokes memories of Miami & Ibiza, with none of the drunk pretentiousness.


Baba Beach Club fully immerses in an indulgent oasis and is perfect for those looking for a lavish coastal getaway worthy of hosting celebrities. And although it’s removed from the hustle & bustle of busier part of Phuket, that doesn’t mean the party stops.  Think of it as more of a chill kickback than a party, or a non-stop lazy Sunday brunch with good friends.


The property consists of 16 exclusive villas & suites that open up to a patio with direct access to the swimming pool as well as two 3-5 bedroom Baba Beachfront Residence Villas that boast plenty of airy space, sunset beachfront views and sunset.  The grounds also include an extensive set of luxury facilities including a fitness center, in-room spa, two restaurants, a swim up bar, beachfront swimming pool & beach club.


PRO TIP: During your stay, don't miss the breakfast! The restaurants serves the best Coconut Crab Curry in Phuket (and maybe even Thailand)!


A favorite aspect of note about BBC is the constant music playing on the property throughout the day, whether it’s live from a guest DJ spinning poolside, or a jammin’ playlist, the vibe is always present. Baba Beach prides itself on being a hotel carefully designed for music lovers, as the owner is a big lover of music as well.


You’ll easily want to leave the windows open all day to listen to the hotel’s soundtrack (check out the kind of groove you can listen to while on the grounds on their Soundcloud page).

After you’ve traveled your way through the different locales in Thailand, Baba Beach Club is a welcome stay and a great recharging spot before you head back home, or back on the road again.


  • a getaway after hanging out in the crowded Patong & Kata beaches
  • a private place that doesn’t shy away from a good time
  • luxury that fuses the groove of Miami & Ibiza without the raucous crowd & hangovers
  • music lovers who Shazam everything when they’re on vacation

For reservations & more information, visit www.bababeachclub.com.