Black & Abroad is a multi-platform travel & lifestyle company. Since 2015, our digital outlets, international events and travel experiences have redefined experiences for the modern Black traveler. We pride ourselves on curating international, culturally conscious luxury & adventure travel moments for Black travelers while providing a crowd-sourced information hub for urban explorers. Seeing a need to elevate the community through world exploration, our collective of influencers have come together to share their travel experiences to assist us in showing familiar faces in unfamiliar places and expose the world to nuanced, diverse, narratives within the travel community.

Our manifesto is guided by three principles that represent the heart of our mission:


We invite you to join the movement, build with our network of knowledgeable and connected world explorers, and redefine what it means to travel for our community. 

Welcome to Black & Abroad.


When comparing our experiences with traveling the world, several things became clear — we needed to see more of our community exploring the world with us and we wanted to tap into a sense of pride when doing so. We both agreed that although the collective black dollar spent close to $63 billion each year on travel, there was a severe lack of representation within the industry. In 2015, we brought our minds, our dedication to the diaspora, and our desire for change together to form Black & Abroad.

Founders Eric Martin & Kent Johnson have been recognized by such outlets as Black Enterprise, The Root, Ebony, and Huffington Post for their efforts to open doors within the travel industry, with its online community of travelers visiting over 100 countries and expanding awareness of the Black travel on all 7 continents. Because of Black & Abroad’s mission, the founders have been invited to the United Nations to speak on diversity & inclusion and the importance of sharing multiple perspectives within travel.



Eric Martin is an award-winning entrepreneur based in Atlanta, GA. Following nearly a decade of travel, he decided to fuse his passion for world exploration with his corporate skills to co-create Black & Abroad in 2015.  Through the success of his company, Eric encourages others by sharing his insight at speaking engagements worldwide, from the stages of the United Nations, to universities and conferences around the world.



Kent Johnson’s frustration with the lack of diverse travel perspectives online was the driving force that led him to Black & Abroad. His work expanding the voices within the travel industry and background in branding & culture strategy afforded him the opportunities to speak in spaces such as the United Nations, Facebook & MasterCard, and led him to be named one of the 100 most influential African-Americans of 2017 by The Root. In his spare time, Kent dabbles in photography and hosts a podcast on current events & topics related to the Black community.

Instead of waiting for representation, we created the solution.

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