Black & Abroad is a cultural collective dedicated to redefining world experiences for the modern black traveler.  Seeing a need to elevate the community through world exploration, Black & Abroad was founded to fulfill that very purpose. We serve as a resource for travel related media to inspire the explorer within. Our collective of influencers have come together to share their travel experiences to assist us in showing familiar faces in unfamiliar places.

Our manifesto is guided by three principles that represent the heart of our mission:


We invite you to join the movement, build with our network of knowledgeable and connected world explorers, and redefine what it means to travel for our community. 

Welcome to Black & Abroad.



When comparing our experiences with traveling the world, several things became clear — we needed to see more of our community exploring the world with us and we wanted to tap into a sense of pride when doing so. We both agreed that although the collective black dollar spent close to $50 billion* each year on travel, there was a severe lack of representation within the industry. In April 2015, we brought our minds, our dedication to the diaspora, and our desire for change together to form Black & Abroad.



A native of the Washington, DC area, Eric’s exploration efforts have landed him in multiple locations abroad, including but not limited to, Australia, the Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, France, Guatemala, Iceland, Italy, Martinique, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, Qatar, South Africa, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

Instead of waiting for representation, we created the solution.



Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, but currently in Atlanta, Georgia, Kent’s travels have taken him to Australia, the Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, China, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Guatemala, Italy, Jamaica, Malaysia, Martinique, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, South Africa, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

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As noted by the *New York Times