Black & Abroad Journeys: Testimonials

Our team works hard to craft an experience you won’t soon forget. It’s more than just a trip. This is why we call our travel experiences journeys. Don’t believe us? Check out how some of our past travelers felt about their journeys with us below. They can tell you better than we can!



“I recently went on the 2018 Johannesburg trip with Black & Abroad. This was my first time in Africa and I traveled not knowing the entire group who I would meet. To say the trip was well worth it doesn't do it justice. This trip was amazing from beginning to end and I can't thank Kent and Eric enough for putting it together. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip!!!! I'm still reflecting on the mental, spiritual, emotional nourishment this trip gave me. The entire trip from the time we landed at the airport was extremely well done. All of the tedious things that could derail a trip/activities were thought out and all I had to do was enjoy each experience! I was able to do that and share it with new friends from around the country. Thank you so much for the wonderful lasting memories.” See full review here.


Aja’ on her experience in ghana, 2019

“The Black & Abroad ‘Return to Ghana’ experience was amazing!! Kent and Eric went above and beyond in curating a trip that was truly a journey through every aspect of Ghanaian history and culture. You are immediately immersed in the culture: within minutes of touching down in Accra, I was literally whisked from the airport to the location of our welcome dinner and into the center of a group of Ghanaian children performing a dance to welcome our group. The hotel election, nightlife spots, and tours were all great. I look forward to traveling with Black & Abroad in the future.”



“Best adventure of my life and would recommend anyone to go on these amazing journeys. They are experiences you will have for a lifetime.”


LAURA on her experience in SENEGAL, 2019

“Heading home from Senegal with Black & Abroad. Amazing trip start to finish. Great communication leading up to the trip, what we need, what we will be doing, what to pack, etc. They event sent us a playlist. They put together an amazing group of people and an awesome itinerary. I am looking forward to traveling with them again, and bringing friends with me.”


SINIYAH on her experience in COLOMBIA, 2019

“I had the opportunity to travel with Black & Abroad most recently to Cartagena, Colombia; where do I even begin? The experience was memorable from beginning to end. There was a tour guide for each daily excursion, which helped to translate and navigate our group. I had a great time learning and engaging in the culture of both the Colombian and Afro-Colombian people. We honestly got a true and real depiction of the history of Colombia. This was one of the best trips I've taken abroad in a very long time. I would definitely recommend Black & Abroad and gladly travel with them again in the future!”